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Custom Favicon

This plugin allows you to add upload custom favicon & Apple touch icon for your website and WordPress Dashboard using built-in media uploader.

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Custom Login Logo

Custom Login Logo lets you to add a custom logo in your wordpress login page instead of the usual wordpress logo using the built-in media uploader.


  1. Option to hide logo
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Freshdesk for WordPress

This plugin allows you to setup single sign on capabilities between your site and your Freshdesk account. It create’s user accounts on the fly and automatically logs in users.

What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is a Super-user friendly helpdesk system that’s FREE forever!

Social Helpdesk

About Freshdesk for WordPress

If you’ve used Freshdesk before then you know how awesome it is as both a support ticket system and a community forum. The only problem is that now your users have to remember one more username and password just to access those new features. What’s the solution? Freshdesk Remote Authentication!

You can configure your WordPress based website and Freshdesk to work together in perfect harmony to give your users the gift of one less username/password combination to remember.

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I Recommend This

– taking forward the work of Benoit LeBen❠Burgener

This plugin allows your visitors to recommend/like your posts instead of comment on it. It’s a  Tumblr like feature for WordPress.


Benoit “LeBen” Burgener had created a similar plugin that works similarly like the like feature on tumblr. However its development has been discontinued. I had customized the CSS of this plugin to make it work a little more like tumblr and had requests by few other developers the code. So after taking permission from Benoit for further development of the plugin I have recently applied at WordPress to create a new plugin with the updated code.

This plugin include

  • A counter/button to display the number of “like” and to vote.
  • A widget and a function to display the X most liked posts.
  • A preference pane with some options

If you are interested in this plugin (the way its used on this website, simply leave a comment below with your email so I could get back to you with the download file)


You can download this from here

Please post your comments so we can enhance this plugin together as  a community.

LATEST UPDATE: Version 2.4.1

If you wish to customize the link color, recommend image (heart), you can do so by using below classes in your style sheet. make sure to add !important to every style.


Tips & Tricks:

How to Remove the Icon:

  1. Go to the Plugin Settings page “I recommend this” under “Settings” menu.
  2. Check the “Disable CSS” checkbox
  3. Add below CSS code to your theme’s stylesheet.
.dot-irecommendthis {
 padding:0 0 0 10px;
 border: 0 !important;
 margin-bottom: 10px;
 display: inline-block;
 text-decoration: none;
.dot-irecommendthis:hover, {
 color: #F56559 !important;

[wpws url=”” selector=”td .last-child” user_agent=”Bot at” on_error=”error_show”]

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My Plugin Information

If you are a plugin developer and have plugins hosted on, then with this plugin you could communicate with Plugins API to retrieve your Plugin Information and display it on your website. Based on an article series – Communicating With the Plugin API List of data that can be retrieved:

  • Name field='name'
  • Slug field='slug'
  • Version field='version'
  • Author field='author'
  • Author Profile (URI) field='author_profile'
  • Download count field='downloaded'
  • Download link field='download_link'
  • Last Updated date: field='last_updated'
  • Tested: field='tested'
  • Requires: field='requires'

Example Shortcode:

Name: My Plugin Information
Slug: my-plugin-information
Version: 0.3
Author: Harish Chouhan,
Author Profile:
Downloaded: 626
Download Link:
Last Updated: 2015-06-24 1:10pm GMT
Tested: 4.2.18
Requires: 3.0

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WordPress for my Clients

This plugin allows you to customize WordPress by hiding non-essential wp-admin components adding support for custom login logo and favicon for your website and admin pages.


  • Hides non-essential elements in the WordPress admin such as dashboard widgets and menu items.

More features planned for next update:

  • Adds ability to upload a custom logo for the login screen
  • Adds ability to upload and set custom Favicon for your WordPress site and the WordPress admin.
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