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If you are a plugin developer and have plugins hosted on, then with this plugin you could communicate with Plugins API to retrieve your Plugin Information and display it on your website. Based on an article series – Communicating With the Plugin API List of data that can be retrieved:

  • Name field='name'
  • Slug field='slug'
  • Version field='version'
  • Author field='author'
  • Author Profile (URI) field='author_profile'
  • Download count field='downloaded'
  • Download link field='download_link'
  • Last Updated date: field='last_updated'
  • Tested: field='tested'
  • Requires: field='requires'

Example Shortcode:

Name: My Plugin Information
Slug: my-plugin-information
Version: 0.3
Author: Harish Chouhan,
Author Profile:
Downloaded: 696
Download Link:
Last Updated: 2015-06-24 1:10pm GMT
Tested: 4.2.20
Requires: 3.0

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